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Our chief instructor Daniel Sweet has been a pilot for over two decades. Learning to fly in the military and has racked up thousands of flying hours. Since leaving the military, Daniel worked as an aerial firefighter for around 5 years prior to starting this flying school. These days Dan spends his time helping dozens of people every year take to the skies for themselves.

Learning to fly is not only about getting behind the yoke, but also there are a lot of safety and theory lessons to fully understand before you will be safe to fly solo. Daniel will guide you through all of your course work to make sure that you ace your exams allowing you to take to the skies.

Daniel believes that everyone should have the opportunity to fly which is why the Long Beach Flight School offers you the best opportunity to get flying without breaking the bank. Daniel and his team of instructors will do everything they can to fit in with your schedule. Get in touch today to start flying with the long beach flight school.


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david @longbeachflightschool.net

(562) 216 4161

Long Beach Airport,
Long Beach, CA 90808

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We are located within the Aerodrome on Long Beach Airport. You will need to pass security to gain access so please contact us before arriving to arrange clearance.

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M-F: 8am – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 4pm